What you thought was the truth might actually not be.

Recall yourself when you were trying to prove to someone that they are wrong and you are right. How did that go? I’m sure most of the time, it did not end well.

Your family, friends, teachers, social media, and basically the whole world are always trying to inject their ideas of truth into you. When you were a kid, your parents rewarded you when you did something right and punish you when you did wrong. We are all conditioned to certain patterns and beliefs. There is nothing right or wrong; there are merely perspectives. What true to you may not be the same to others, and that’s okay. What is truth, and what is untruth? You don’t need to find the answer. Remember, everything is in motion. The only certainty is uncertainty. We are living in an ever-changing world. The neighborhood you grew up in has changed. The people you thought you know well have changed, and you definitely have changed. Therefore, something true to you last year may not be what you resonate with at the moment. And yes, what you believe is the truth now, will probably be different in the future.

So clearly, don’t catch yourself up in the battle of right or wrong. Our differences in culture, education, and growing up environment has given us our own kaleidoscope to look at life. Instead of convincing others to be on your side, simply observe their perspective with the heart and not the mind.

Yours truly,

The Joy Activist



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