How to not feeling stuck when you are stuck?

The Joy Activist
3 min readFeb 6, 2021

When you have been working on a project for so long, and you know it’s time for you to step forward and start the journey. You pack your bag, say goodbye to your friends and family. You bravely turn on the car engine, put on your favorite playlist, and you realize the roads are closed. Everything was destroyed because of the big storm last night.

You devasted and started crying. Everything was supposed to happen the way you planned it. You were supposed to begin that fun adventure where you can explore, connect and create with all around you.

Feeling powerless, you slowly accept that you have to stay in your cocoon for some time, at least until the roads are renovated.

Day 1: You feel stagnant. You are in a “prison” both mentally and physically. You look up to the sky and hopelessly wish you are a bird. Why can they be so free, you ask. They can go whenever and wherever they want, as long as they spread their wings.

Day 2: You hate this world. You cry a river and begin to throw a tantrum with everyone around you, including the bird whom you made friends with not so long ago. You understand there’s nothing you can do to change the circumstances.

Day 3: You step out on your balcony, looking to make amen with the birds. But suddenly, the winds flow, and you heard the trees singing. They are humming the song of peace and stillness. Your heart feels heavy, and tears start streaming down on your cheeks. “Be like the trees,” your heart whispers.

Day 4: The roads are still closed, but you wake up feeling energized and joyful. You embrace every piece of stillness that is gifted to you. Looking at the birds and the trees, you smile brightly and tell them, “I’m home.” With your eyes closed and your heart opens, you sit still and root deeply in the center of Mother Earth.

Day 5: With stillness within you, you trust no matter what happens around you, you always have a choice. You choose to live in the presence of love and the now. What happens around you are much less vital compare to what happens inside you. You now merely have the taste of freedom. And soon, you can harvest the fruition of your inner work.

Bruce Lee said, “Be water, my friends.”.They effortlessly flow everywhere they desire. Camly stream into the riverside or powerfully wash over the mountain and becomes a scenic waterfall. Water represents formlessness. When you live your life as water, you break through traps and boxes, open to all doors, and quickly answer all your magical yearnings without fear. You understand life happens for you and through you. You can be a tree, a bird, the sky, or all of them. Live gracefully and flowingly like water, and you shall be free. You have the flexibility to create and turn any difficulties into opportunities. You look at life with loving eyes. The “prison” becomes a happy place full of golds and diamonds.